Bullet Keychains, Etc.

Currently, I make all the bullet key chains, pens, dummy rounds, and
wood products on my website. However, other items will be added that I
don’t make. I will make that distinction in my ads.

Some items might be added to my website other than ammo oriented
pieces.  For instance: while I have no connection to the practice of
Voodoo, I have a client who I make good luck charms and such that reflect
beliefs in Voodoo.  Actually, the client is not involved with the practice
either, but it offers the charms in his store. They are popular. Most of
these I make. These include chicken foot fetishes, decorated good luck
charms that are placed over a door, on a rear view mirror and the like.
These are supposed to afford good luck, protection, and financial
I also, will be offering real alligator tooth key chains legally obtained from
Louisiana Alligator Farms. I make these. They may be available in
necklaces as well.
Just don’t be surprised as to what might show up on my website store!

Volume orders---I would entertain any request in this direction. However,
since I build my pieces by hand, any volume might be restricted by the
amount of product I could make. They would be great as door prizes at
shooting events, fund raisers, or any other reason. Contact me. We will
see what we can work out.
Bullet Key Chain Pill Keeper
(Novelty Item)

Aluminum bullet shaped key chain
with clear vial inside. End screws
off to reveal secret compartment.


Insect Removal and Utility Tool
Specializing in Roach Removal

$19.99 each

308 Pipe Tamper

308 Brass Base and Cherry Wood Tip. Each Wood Tip Hand Carved.

$17.99 each

Cherry Wood Pipe Tamper
Made from cherry wood, collector's piece. Hand made by Bullet
Keychains Etc. and set in a AK47 brass case.
A must for pipe smokers.
$17.99 each
Insect Removal and Utility Tool Specializing in Roach Removal
$12.95 each
Lrg. E-Z Grip                         Lrg. E-Z Grip
 1/4x20                               5/16 x18
standard tumblers           for 2500 Pro Mag
      $4.00                            $4.00