Bullet Keychains, Etc.
About Us

My name is Tim Ford , the primary business operator and bullet smith for
our small family business in Jackson, Mississippi.

My first priority is to my craft- bullet making, bullet keychains and my
imagination. My second priority is to my customers and their satisfaction.

Now…It may seem strange that my work would be listed above customer
satisfaction. But, without my dedication to the product and their design,
my customers would not be satisfied.

I try to design pieces, many that are one of a kind, exact replicas of
existing name brand bullets, military period pieces, historically significant
pieces, or bullets that are of a fantasy nature. By fantasy, I mean that they
are real bullets only in that they are products of my imagination. They
were never produced, and probably never could be.

Each piece is hand built to exacting manufacture’s and SAMMI
specifications. Each piece is wheel polished before shipping. Each piece
is built to last, hopefully for a lifetime. Each piece is built with American-
made products whenever possible. We use name brand
components…Winchester, Remington, Speer, Hornady, etc. Wherever
possible, I use new cases. Sometimes it is unavoidable to use once-fired
cases, as major companies don’t offer all the cases I need for specific
bullets. Where I do use once-fired cases, they are meticulously examined
and separated before and after cleaning and polishing. Poor examples
are discarded. However, sometimes slight ejector marks and very small
imperfections may remain. I try to note this possibility for bullets that might
be included in this condition.  These are used where it is necessary to
recreate specific bullet recreation or specialty pieces, where no new
cases are available. In any event, the finished product will be a piece of
exceptional quality.

As to my next priority---My Customers. Without you I can’t do what I love,
bullet making. Your satisfaction is a must! I want to know that you are
happy with the product you receive. I want your suggestions and
comments. I would like to know what items you would like to be made. You
are welcome to email me at any time.


I have a wonderful family who is very supportive of my work.
I spent six years in the Army during the Vietnam era.
I am an avid shooter. My preference is a pistol or revolver. I belong to a
local shooting range where I shoot once a week. I wish I could do it more.
My carry weapon is a highly modified 1911. It is a Caspian frame and slide
finished in hard chrome and chambered in .45 ACP, It is an Officer’s