Bullet Keychains, Etc.
50 BMG Bullet Key Chain

Polished 50 BMG Bullet key chain.

SS109 .223 Remington/
AR15/M16 Bullet Key Chain
5.56 NATO Steel Penetrator

Special military lake arsenal offering.  
All Nickel Plated.

AK47 Bullet Key Chain

and copper bullet.

.9mm, Cartridge,. 9 mm ball,
M882 Bullet Key Chain

Used in M9, M10, M11 pistols and is
used in training and combat.

.38 Special Cartridge, Caliber
.38, ball, special, M41 Bullet
Key Chain

Intended for use in personal
defense handguns.

.45 Ball Cartridge, Caliber 4.5
ball, M1911
Military Bullet Key

For use against personnel and light
material targets.

.223/5.56x45, FMJ Cartridge
5.56x45 MM, M855 Bullet Key

Standard issue for M16
combat           rifles.

.308 FMJ/7.62x51MM,
Cartridge 7.62x51 MM, M80
Ball Bullet Key Chain

Standard issue for M1A and M14
combat rifles.

30-06 FMJ Cartridge, Caliber
.30, M2 Ball Bullet Key Chain

This was standard issue for the M1
garand combat rifle.

50 BMG Bullet Only Key Chain

650 Gr.

.458 Socom Frangible Bullet
Key Chain

Used by Special Forces. 350 gr.
Frangible bullet.

325 Gr. Speer Unicore Hollow
Alexander Arms Exclusive
US ARMY Redford Arsenal
***The Ultimate M4/AR